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About Us

We work with clients in the public, private and third sector and at local, national and international levels. We use our specialist knowledge to deliver the right decision support to the right people at the right time. We do this through evidence reviews, independent evaluations and supporting our clients to collect and analyse robust performance data. Our specialist areas of expertise are health, social care, education and criminal justice. 


The RTK is headed up by Dr Tony Munton. Tony has over 30 years’ experience of evaluating social policy across key areas of government, national and local. Our bespoke delivery teams combine expertise as researchers, academics and practitioners. 

The right to know (the RTK) takes its name from a painting by American artist Norman Rockwell. The painting deals with the subject of ‘justice for all’


What we do


We understand the importance of making decisions based on the best available evidence. Evidence reviews use proven methods to establish the current state of knowledge; they use robust, transparent methods to identify and evaluate research and present relevant findings in a clear, practitioner focussed reports. We have a significant track record of accomplishment in conducting high quality evidence reviews having completed over 20 in recent years. We pride ourselves in our ability to distil large amounts of complex information into concise, usable and actionable reports, relevant to both policy and practitioner audiences.


We understand that in the context of tightening budgets and scare resources it is becoming increasingly important to spend money on ‘what works’. The RTK offer a range of robust evaluation services including impact, process and implementation evaluation. We are committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our clients by tailoring our services to ensure that they have a clear understanding of whether their services are having the desired impact. Commonly this involves projects that incorporate different types of evaluation into one high quality piece of work.


At the RTK we are passionate about harnessing the power of data so that money is spent most effectively on services that are in impactful, we understand the importance of this in the context of budget cuts and limited resources. We appreciate that this is something which requires ongoing evaluation and the flexibility to respond to new challenges. For this reason, we believe strongly in capacity building, enabling clients to collect and analyse their own data to develop performance dashboards that they can use to manage delivery effectively. Our model of partnership working means we can equip teams with the skills to identify and monitor their own outcomes and progress. We can accurately monetise the value of outputs so that we can use cost benefit data to drive outcomes based budgeting decisions.


The GMC commissioned the RTK to conduct research to inform a revision of the GMC Gateways to the professions guidance. This mixed-methods research involved conducting a survey and depth interviews with a mix of stakeholders from medical schools and postgraduate medical education providers. Despite the complex landscape of medical education and the varied approaches to providing disability support, during the fieldwork phase the RTK were successful in identifying and recruiting challenging sample targets. The researchers were persistent and willing to adapt their approach in order to achieve this. The RTK met all agreed project milestones and delivered outputs on time and to budget. RTK presented the findings to our health and disability expert steering group. The research was received extremely positively, one member noting 'I think we can all agree this was an excellent thought-provoking piece of work'. The final report provides practical insight that is directly informing the revised Gateways guidance and wider GMC health and disability programme.

Francis Leng Research Officer, General Medical Council 

Our Clients

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