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Data and Performance Management


At the RTK we are passionate about harnessing the power of data so that money is spent most effectively on services that are in impactful, we understand the importance of this in the context of budget cuts and limited resources. We appreciate that this is something which requires ongoing evaluation and the flexibility to respond to new challenges. For this reason, we believe strongly in capacity building, enabling clients to collect and analyse their own data to develop performance dashboards that they can use to manage delivery effectively.


Our model of partnership working means we can equip teams with the skills to identify and monitor their own outcomes and progress. We can accurately monetise the value of outputs so that we can use cost benefit data to drive outcomes based budgeting decisions. 

We do this through:

Delivering training sessions, we have successfully delivered training to clients across local government and the community and voluntary sector. We have received excellent feedback for these sessions. 

We also work on a one to one basis with clients completing bespoke work, including:

  • Helping clients to unpick their current or planned service delivery and to co-produce outcomes frameworks for them to use on an ongoing basis;
  • Supporting clients to implement large-scale system change initiatives, helping them to plan and evaluate changes to structures and processes;
  • Assisting clients in developing robust financial and economic cases for any programme, to do this we can implement a number of economic evaluation methods to suit the needs of the client; and 
  • Supporting organisations in developing Social Impact Bonds, we are one of the service providers recommended by Social Finance to do this. We provide economic evaluation and business analytics to demonstrate how the project will work and where savings are projected to be made.

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Client: Social Finance

Social Finance is a not-for-profit organisation that develops Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), it has added theRTK Ltd to its Directory of SIB service providers.  (Read more….) The directory provides details of providers currently offering support for Social Impact Bond development.

Client: Social Housing provider 

 Brief: The client wanted support to get the most out of their performance management data in order to demonstrate their impact to commissioners. 

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Client: The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

Brief: RCSLT introduced a new package of quality assurance and service improvement initiatives. They required support to evaluate the impacts of the initiatives on service quality. 

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Client: Haringey Council

Brief: The client required quarterly social value reports on the £1.5m One Borough One Future Fund over a two-year period. The aim of the project was to inspire individuals, organisations and businesses to come forward with ideas to tackles the biggest issues facing the borough, to reduce inequality and to deliver better services. 

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Client: Local Authority Children and Young People Directorate

Brief: The Local Authority Children and Young People Directorate commissioned the RTK to support them in their data management to optimise service delivery for local children and their families. 

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Client: The City of Wolverhampton Council

Brief: The RTK was commissioned to provide commentary and critique of their approach to outcomes based budgeting. This was part of a wider council objective to have an outcome based corporate plan.

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Client: Reading Borough Council

Brief: Reading Borough Council (RBC) commissioned the RTK to support them with their application to theCabinet Office’s Life Chances Fund for a Social Impact Bond (SIB). The SIB was aimed at tackling the issue of individuals not in education, employment or training (NEETs), both in preventing individuals becoming NEET and through helping NEETs get back into employment, education or training as soon as possible.

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Client: Leeds City Council

Brief: As part of a larger scale evaluation of their ‘Family Valued’ project that we were delivering, Leeds City Council required an economic evaluation of Family Group Conferencing. 

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Client: National Health Education Scotland

 Brief: National Health Education Scotland required a tool to enable local Speech and Language Therapist services to provide estimates of economic cost-benefits for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) interventions

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Client: Tower Hamlets Council

Brief The council commissioned the RTK to support them in making the most of their performance data as they are going through a process of systems change by implementing an outcomes based approach. 

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